The Primate Brain Bank provides tissues for research purposes only.

In order to apply for tissue, it is required to fill in the Application form.  The Application form implies a summary of the research project the tissue is requested for.

The Application form is send to the Scientific Committee for approval.

After approval, you will be asked to sign the Material Transfer Agreement.

The material will be provided at the amount of the fee indicated in the accompanying letter.  The fee is meant to cover part of the expenses of the Primate Brain Bank involved in tissue banking.

After all formalities have been fulfilled, the material will be made ready for transport.  The Primate Brain Bank strives to keep this procedure as efficient and quick as possible

National legislation

All the primate brains in the collection are from protected or endangered species. This implies that the material is subject to International and National legislation. The Primate Brain Bank complies with the International and Dutch legislation. However, the National laws may differ in different countries. The applicants are responsible to comply with local legislation prior to receiving the material.



The Primate Brain Bank does not knowingly collect brain material from infected animals. In addition, the fixation procedure neutralizes the vast majority of microorganisms and viruses. Therefore the material is not considered to be infectious. However, total safety cannot be guaranteed completely. Therefore the recipient is responsible for his personal safety and that of his collaborators. The material should be disposed of as biohazard material.